Survey Team Seven

Survey Team Seven is a science fiction web series chronicling the comical adventures of Captain Ryan, Commander Gage, and Ensign Abernathy, war heroes tasked with aiding peace time rebuilding efforts by searching for resources in the far reaches of space. Desperate to boost morale in the post-war era, the Allerion Federation has made the men of Survey Team Seven the talk of the galaxy as poster boys for its media campaign. However, away from the bright lights and cameras, the crew of the AFS Argon finds that their adventures often go awry as they cope with the shear boredom that accompanies being isolated in remote space.To complicate matters, their mission gets sidetracked along the way when they are paid a surprise visit from a Federation senator with her own hidden agenda. Will the crew of the AFS Argon be able to complete their mission, or will they be befuddled by obstacles along the way? Find out by joining Survey Team Seven as they navigate the universe in this hilarious space adventure.

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